Law and legal

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  • Barristers and judges

    Job holders in this unit group prepare and conduct court cases on behalf of clients, preside over judicial proceedings, and pronounce judgements within a variety of court settings and tribunals.
    Law and legal
  • Solicitors

    Solicitors advise and act on behalf of individuals, organisations, businesses and government departments in legal matters.
    Law and legal
  • Legal professionals n.e.c.

    Job holders in this unit group perform a variety of other professional legal occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 241: Legal Professionals.
    Law and legal
  • Legal associate professionals

    Legal associate professionals provide administrative support for legal professionals, and investigate and make recommendations on legal matters that do not fall within the province of a normal court of law.
    Law and legal
  • Legal secretaries

    Legal secretaries file and maintain legal and other records, transcribe notes and dictation into typewritten form and perform other routine clerical tasks in legal practices.
    Administration Law and legal
  • Quality assurance and regulatory professionals

    Jobholders in this unit group plan, organise, co-ordinate and direct the effective measurement monitoring and reporting on the qualitative and regulatory aspects of a specified tangible (industrial production) or non-tangible…
    Administration Engineering and maintenance Law and legal
  • Probation officers

    Probation officers work to rehabilitate offenders. They supervise, counsel and help them before trial, during any prison or community sentence and on release from prison.
    Government services Law and legal Social care