Careers matching tag 'Transport'.

  • Air traffic controllers

    Air traffic controllers prepare flight plans, authorise flight departures and arrivals and maintain radio, radar and/or visual contact with aircraft to ensure the safe movement of air traffic.
  • Driving instructors

    Driving instructors co-ordinate and undertake the instruction of people learning to drive cars, motorcycles, buses and haulage vehicles.
  • Crane drivers

    Crane drivers supervise and undertake the operation of cranes, jib cranes, power driven hoisting machinery and power driven stationary engines to raise and lower mine and other cages, and to…
  • Fork-lift truck drivers

    Fork-lift truck drivers operate fork-lift trucks in factories, warehouses, storerooms and other areas to transfer goods and materials.
  • Agricultural machinery drivers

    Job holders in this unit group operate and drive tractors, combine harvesters or other farm vehicles to clear and cultivate land and to sow and harvest plants and crops.
  • Mobile machine drivers and operatives n.e.c.

    Job holders in this unit group supervise and undertake the operation of machines to transport, excavate, grade, level, and compact sand, earth, gravel and similar materials, drive piles into the…
  • Train and tram drivers

    Job holders in this unit group drive diesel, diesel-electric, electric and steam locomotives that transport passengers and goods on surface and underground railways, and transport passengers in trams.
  • Marine and waterways transport operatives

    Marine and waterways transport operatives supervise and carry out a variety of deck duties and operate and maintain engines, boilers and mechanical equipment on board ships, boats and other marine…
  • Air transport operatives

    Air transport operatives refuel, load and unload aircraft, direct the movement of aircraft at airports, and positions gangways or staircases to allow passengers to board and disembark aircraft.
  • Rail transport operatives

    Rail transport operatives assist drivers in the operation of passenger and goods trains, drive locomotive engines in coal mines, guide wagons and coaches in marshalling yards and sidings to make…
  • Other drivers and transport operatives n.e.c.

    Jobholders in this unit group monitor the activities of bus drivers, conductors and other road transport depot drivers, undertake various tasks related to water transportation, and perform other transportation tasks…
  • Managers and directors in transport and distribution

    Managers and directors in transport and distribution plan, organise, direct and co-ordinate the activities and resources necessary for the safe, efficient and economic movement of passengers and freight by road,…
    Delivery and storage Managerial Transport
  • Aircraft pilots and flight engineers

    Aircraft flight deck officers check, regulate, adjust and test engines and other equipment prior to take-off, navigate and pilot aircraft and give flying lessons.
    Transport Travel and tourism
  • Ship and hovercraft officers

    Ship and hovercraft officers command and navigate ships and other craft, co-ordinate the activities of officers and deck and engine room ratings, operate and maintain communications equipment on board ship…
    Transport Travel and tourism
  • Transport and distribution clerks and assistants

    Workers in this unit group perform various clerical functions relating to the transport and distribution of goods and freight.
    Administration Delivery and storage Transport
  • Air travel assistants

    Air travel assistants issue travel tickets and boarding passes, examine other documentation, provide information and assistance at airport terminals and look after the welfare, comfort and safety of passengers travelling…
    Transport Travel and tourism
  • Rail travel assistants

    Rail travel assistants issue, collect and inspect travel tickets, provide information and assistance to railway passengers, operate train doors, and perform a variety of duties on station platforms in connection…
    Transport Travel and tourism
  • Vehicle and parts salespersons and advisers

    Vehicle and parts salespersons and advisers sell new and used vehicles to the general public, and vehicle accessories and parts to garages, vehicle dealerships and the general public.
    Retail and sales Transport
  • Tyre, exhaust and windscreen fitters

    Tyre, exhaust and windscreen fitters fit, repair and adjust tyres, exhausts and windscreens on cars, buses, motorcycles and other motor vehicles.
    Construction and trades Manufacturing Transport
  • Large goods vehicle drivers

    Large Goods Vehicle (LGV) drivers (formerly HGV drivers), collect, transport and deliver goods in rigid vehicles over 7.5 tonnes, articulated lorries and lorries pulling trailers.
    Delivery and storage Transport
  • Van drivers

    Van drivers collect, transport and deliver goods in vehicles up to 7.5 tonnes in weight.
    Delivery and storage Transport
  • Bus and coach drivers

    Bus and coach drivers drive road passenger-carrying vehicles such as buses, coaches and mini-buses.
    Transport Travel and tourism
  • Taxi and cab drivers and chauffeurs

    Taxi and cab drivers and chauffeurs drive motor cars for private individuals, government departments and industrial and commercial organisations, drive taxis for public hire, drive new cars to delivery points…
    Transport Travel and tourism
  • Travel agents

    Travel agents advise travellers upon travel arrangements, make bookings and receive payment for travel arrangements made.
    Retail and sales Transport Travel and tourism
  • Leisure and travel service occupations n.e.c.

    Workers in this unit group perform a variety of leisure and travel service occupations not elsewhere classified in MINOR GROUP 621: Leisure and Travel Services.
    Sports and leisure Transport Travel and tourism