The IT and digital sector is part of everything we do. From creating websites to managing our money, entertainment to ordering food, it's all at our fingertips thanks to technology.

1,000 people employed in the IT industry in Thurrock.
115,000 people employed in the IT industry in the East of England.
1.3 million people employed in the IT sector in the UK.

What can I do in IT?

The IT industry is one of the fastest growing places to work our generation has ever seen. So much so that in a few years time there could be jobs in Thurrock that we haven't even thought of yet, all thanks to how quickly new technology is being developed. Just 30 years ago there was no internet, no smartphones, no wi-fi, no social media...imagine what things could be like in another 30 years!

There are so many different career options in the IT industry that there really is something for everyone! Please see below some examples:

  • Software engineer
  • Graphic designer
  • Computer systems analyst
  • Computer engineer
  • Data security specialist
  • Game/app designer
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) engineer
  • Website developer
  • Service desk engineer

What skills do I need?

A good understanding of computers is important if you want to work in the IT or digital industry. You can learn the basics with one of our local colleges or at your local library. From there you can enrol on to one of the many courses being delivered by local training providers. Scroll down for more information on the courses and apprenticeships available in this sector.

You might also need knowledge of the following depending on which career you want to follow:

  • Javascript
  • InDesign
  • Web development
  • IT suport
  • Marketing

How much could I earn?

£61k average annual salary for a IT Programme Manager.
£40k average annual salary of a telecommunications engineer.
£37k average annual salary for a IT operations technician.

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