Engineering and Manufacturing is one of the UK’s broadest sectors with specialist branches in a number of areas. Engineers in the manufacturing industry could work in areas such as design, production, supply chain or logistics. Manufacturing is the process of adding value to raw materials by turning them into products, electrical goods, vehicles, aircraft, food, beverages, medical supplies, pharmaceuticals etc.

Engineers working in the manufacturing business are responsible for the safe and efficient planning, management and maintenance of production methods and processes. Typical areas of work include research, design, development, production and quality assurance – engineers in manufacturing can also apply their skills in commercial roles such as marketing, supply chain, operations management, logistics and sales.

Facts & Figures

3,000 Persons employed in Manufacturing
4.1% Of employment in manufacturing

Thurrock Prospects

Examples of some of the big employers in this sector include;

Just to name a few. Find all the latest opportunities in engineering below!



Vicky works in the manufacturing industry. She talks about how an engineering development programme has helped her into permanent employment.  Part of the Department of Work and Pensions 'My Way In' campaign.

Thurrock Apprenticeships in Engineering

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Thurrock Apprenticeships in Manufacturing

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'Manufacturing' Job Vacancies in Thurrock

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