We may work in infrastructure and housing, but our customers aren’t buildings, pipes or wires. We put people first. We listen, we adapt, and we communicate clearly because we understand that when we get it right, people live happier lives. Accustomed to working in safety critical and public facing environments, both in urban or rural areas, we are capable of fixing a roof or tap anywhere in the UK with a couple of hours' notice, upgrading energy assets that manage 20% of the UK gas demands, or providing land and thousands of new homes across the UK. We are large enough to deal with major complex projects and sufficiently agile to make sure we don’t lose sight of what our customers need. With a passion to deliver a sustainable legacy, we work with our registered provider partners, local authorities, water and energy networks and private developers to bring wider benefits including training, local employment and community initiatives. We make it our business to ensure that the people, environments and communities in which we operate are a better place when we have completed our work.


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Roles Required to make it work

  • Partnership Delivery – Through teamwork and innovation we create exceptional spaces.
  • Social Gain – We are a group of people working together to improve lives in our local communities.
  • Honest Endeavour – We work with integrity and professionalism in everything we do
  • Customer Excellence – We deliver success with care and enthusiasm


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