Two inclusive apps available free to users:

  • help secure employment, apprenticeships and good for UCAS applications
  • use language that links business ‘speak’ with everyday language to remove communication barriers
  • reach the widest audience including the disadvantaged, disabled, care leavers, Black, Asian, Minority, Ethnic and those with English as a second language.
  • replace outdated PowerPoint, pdfs and references to lots of research websites
  • simple to reach on a mobile…no PC, laptop or bandwidth issues

Both apps are continually updated with more visuals, Posts, content, examples and hints & tips to ensure they remain helpful for everyone including apprenticeships, traineeships, general job seekers, graduates and the emerging post Covid newly unemployed.

Transferable skills are easily discovered from ‘real life’ activities including home life & family care, academic life, work experience, entrepreneurship, clubs, hobbies, volunteering, sports and managing a condition which requires resilience, planning, positive attitude and determination, frequently overlooked but valuable to employers.

The apps revolutionise the way those most in need can benefit by making interview preparation more straightforward and effective, thus boosting confidence, self-sufficiency and outcomes.

Skills2Bank (Employability Skills Discovery App)

  • Fun, fast, colourful and highly visual
  • Easiest way to discover employability skills…just choose the ones that you have and save them
  • Search by Skills or Activities – these are things you do every day, it’s so simple…
  • Follow interesting Employers/Training companies and apply for jobs, apprenticeships
  • Employers/Training companies gain immediate/easy access to talented job seekers and can showcase their D&I culture including encouraging & motivating Posts and job opportunities

Skills2Use (Interview Prep App)

  • Quick, easy, comprehensive
  • Covers every question likely to be asked at any interviews by employers, colleges or unis
  • Loads of hints, tips, sample answers, guidance on applications, assessments, interviews
  • Great for online Zooms, Teams etc
  • 22- role-specific/vocational sections and specialist disability help
  • Best practise for Gatsby/Nat Apprenticeship



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