Naturally Talented me is a new, unique, and innovative solution in the way that it supports individuals in unlocking and understanding their core talents and providing them with a platform to showcase their potential to others for free. We launched in May 2020 in order to support the key challenges being faced by Covid-19 that will further impact those who are furthest from the job market or have found the opportunity for work a difficult path. We are also a Community Interest Company as we believe that operating within a structure that enables us to financially support communities is the key to providing suitable outcomes for all.




NTM is a secure online profiling platform that identifies and reveals the Natural Talents that everyone possesses through their hobbies and interests, enabling individuals to understand how their unique talents align to career pathways and other opportunities. The platform provides the mechanism to create a 3-dimensional profile that showcases their employability through imagery in an engaging and more visual way to appeal to perspective employers. The result is greater insight into a candidate prior to interview. Employers access the NTM platform to post the talents they require alongside their roles and the NTM technology auto matches candidates that fit into those profiles, thereby reducing the resourcing time to sift candidate’s suitability, and also to identify previously overlooked potential talent.

The NTM ‘SeeMe’ approach enables individuals who may not match a set of key words or qualifications and certificates to demonstrate through their profiles that they have the right passions and drivers that are core to many work based roles – the soft skills that are harder to train. The profiles provide the employer with a more relevant and insightful view of the candidate and reveals the potential have.

In addition, individuals who may lack confidence or experience anxiety when faced with an interview or direct 1:1 discussion are able to overcome this barrier through their profile. The creation of a compelling three-dimensional reflection of their personality and potential enables accurate selection and assists in setting up more meaningful onward conversations.

Innovation is all about changing something to make it easier, quicker, more intuitive and more relevant for more people and businesses to use and to derive personal and/or commercial benefit from. NTM presents a completely new approach to finding talent that helps level the playing field and provides everyone with the chance to be seen and found. Regardless of background, circumstance of label.

The roles required to make it work


NTM is a fully digitalised, device responsive platform that means it offers the portability to support people across a whole region. It’s designed as a lifelong support tool that keeps individuals engaged throughout their own journey from education through to the world of work and remains a constant provision in order to support their needs at any point in time.

It provides a mechanism for each and every individual to understand their true talents and how they align to a range of career pathways. The inbuilt ongoing matching technology means the platform does not limit an individual’s opportunities to one off occasions as it is set up to continually provide updated details and alerts of available positions and opportunities that match their talents (until the individual turns off the alerting).



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