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Lower Thames Crossing


The proposed Lower Thames Crossing is part of the biggest investment in the country’s road network since the M25 was built 35 years ago.

It would be a new connection between Kent and Essex - the longest road tunnel in the UK, stretching 2.6 miles, 14.3 miles of new road and around 50 new bridges and viaducts. The crossing would boost local, regional and national economies, while offering new connections, better journeys and fewer delays.

Being the next most ambitious road project means that we will need energetic and hard-working people from the design and build to the operation. Over the building phase, we'll need more than 22,000 people on our team from engineers and designers, to administrators and IT support. This includes hundreds of opportunities for apprenticeships, graduates and work placements.

Start your journey today by visiting the work for us page on our website.

Hear from our Apprentices

Here’s an interview featuring two of our current degree Apprentices, Jack and Olivia. They are in the early stages of their careers and they provide you with an insight into how they are finding it so far.


We understand that academic and professional qualifications can be achieved on the job, so enthusiasm and passion are the real drivers when we’re recruiting Apprentices.

You can hear from more of our staff who have started their careers this way by visiting the Apprenticeship page on our website - you’ll also find their career timelines and a quiz busting all those commons myths!

Wondering what sort of jobs there are in construction?

To name a few, here’s our roles that are site based or associated directly with construction works. Look up their names to find out more about them.

How about the office based roles…

We need general office support staff and there are at least six different roles associated with finance alone. Do you like talking to people? A lot of the ‘other’ section roles rely on teams with good communication skills.

What are your studies in?

Here is a subject matcher for the commons studies that can lead to roles within our industry.



What are your skills and interests?

Do you have skills or interests – or interests that could lead to skills, that could put you into a fulfilling career. Here are some of our common matches.

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