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Ex-offender Housing and Employment

Supporting the integration of ex-offenders

The project takes a holistic approach to enabling Ex-offenders to make positive changes and move forward in life.

They will be supported to navigate their way through the options and opportunities available to them to enable them to achieve predetermined goals and milestones set by the ex-offender with the help of their dedicated support worker.

The project looks to provide access to:

  • Temporary Housing in Tilbury
  • Settled accommodation
  • Education and training to improve employability
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Mental health and wellbeing services
  • Physical fitness programmes
  • Drug and alcohol services

Time will be taken to explore the experience, skills,  qualifications and interests the person has already. Also what hopes and aspirations they may have about what they would like to achieve in terms of employment and other life goals.  Using these starting points a plan will be devised breaking down step by step how to reach their desired outcomes.

The project also recognises the importance of mental health, wellbeing and physical fitness and these elements will be included in the person’s personal development plan.

Through personal development gaining skills and confidence, the person will be empowered to achieve a positive outcome for themselves and the wider community with the aim of reducing re-offending.  Referrals will be accepted from the Probation service or the council’s Homeless Team. 

For more information please email: [email protected]