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How to Research

Where do I begin?

To begin researching your options, a good place to start is looking at your own strengths & skills. There are some fun psychometric quizzes you can do online. These quizzes have been scientifically proven to provide accurate career suggestions personalised to you. They do this by gauging your interests, attitudes and motivations. Have a go!

What subject did you enjoy most at College? Or achieved the highest grade in?

What would be better than to have a career that you enjoy! When you have excelled in a subject area, it either means you enjoyed the subject or you are naturally good at it. This is a good place to start! Lets say for example you did well in Maths, but the only career you can think of is to become a Maths Teacher or an Accountant to which neither appeal to you. By using the websites on pg9, you may be surprised to find different careers in maths you had never heard of before? How cool would it be to become a Robotics Engineer? Or an Animator or Special Effects Designer?

What hobbies do you get involved in out of College?

Your hobbies are another great way, to not only look at what you enjoy, but also realise another strength or skill you have. Are you into your fitness? Or enjoy writing stories or blogs at home? Or do you spend weekends baking or spending time with the younger children in your family? You may not even realise that all these activities could be possible Careers for you!