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Amazing Apprenticeships

Guide to apprenticeships

Amazing Apprenticeships has an interactive guide for students in Years 12 and 13 who are considering apprenticeships, explaining what an apprenticeship involves, the benefits and how to apply. The Amazing Apprenticeships website includes many other resources for students, parents and carers.

Apprenticeship applications during Covid-19

Despite Covid-19, there are still employers looking for apprentices. To search for opportunities and apply, use the Government’s Find an Apprenticeship page and create an account to receive alerts about
new vacancies. Not all apprenticeships are advertised there, however, so it is also a good idea to search for apprenticeships on job boards such as Indeed, and on employers’ own websites. Amazing Apprenticeships’ website includes advice to help with applications.

During the pandemic, the number of apprenticeships starts has decreased, with some employers having had to cancel upcoming apprenticeships or make apprentices redundant. See the Amazing Apprenticeships June 2020 parents’ pack p.3 for more information. For this reason, if you are hoping to start an apprenticeship - and even if you have one already set up - it is wise to apply for a college course or a traineeship or a job with training as a back-up, in case the apprenticeship does not work out.