DELIVR IT is a virtual reality (VR) experience made to raise awareness of Logistics, across Thurrock and Essex. Designed for students and job seekers.

The Logistics industry is one of the largest and fastest growing sectors in Essex, but this growth has caused a recruitment challenge for employers as they struggle to raise awareness of the industry in the local population.

The experience, available on both the Oculus Rift and Oculus Go, puts users in control of delivering a package. Beginning in a factory in Asia, you follow the supply chain directly to the buyer. You experience and understand the operation of transporting goods, the equipment used and who is involved.

The Experience

The site comprises of colourful 3D, 360° environments (such as a port, city and warehouse) with dynamic lighting, informational hotspots, animations and navigation options. Users can move around the site, visit points of interests and perform mini job tasks, such as operating a crane, driving a forklift and scanning packages.