Soaring to Success- The Air League in Thurrock

Exciting new programme for Aviation careers across South Essex

Soaring to Success is The Air League’s flagship youth engagement programme for 14-18 year olds, designed to deliver hands-on activities in and experiences of aviation to young people across the UK. This meaningful interaction with professionals from the sector, linked to the Gatsby Benchmarks for careers provision in schools, opens up possibilities around career pathways and opportunities specifically in aviation and aerospace and more generally around the skills and STEM agendas.

The programme takes participants through various stages, exploring different roles within the industry and activities related to it, demonstrating to young people from all backgrounds and with all skillsets that careers in aviation and aerospace are inspirational, aspirational and achievable, even within the context of the damage that has been done to the sector during the Covid-19 pandemic.

These stages include career workshops run with and by industry partners, flying ‘taster’ sessions at local gliding clubs and finally more in-depth flying experiences and training for those young people who demonstrate a particular aptitude and attitude towards the sector. In Essex, we are particularly interested in offering these opportunities to disadvantaged young people who may not otherwise consider this sector as accessible and have already started by successfully delivering Covid-safe gliding experiences to a group including young carers, volunteers and YMCA residents from Southend and the surrounding area.

If you are a student and interested, speak to a Careers Lead at school and or email [email protected]

Alternatively, if you are a business interested in getting involved, you should also email [email protected], leaving your contact details.